Wednesday, 30 December 2009

Rebranding Manchester (Condensed notes)

Manchester is town in the North-West of the United Kingdom

Why did it need to be rebranded?

Manchester suffered an economic collapse in the 1980s because the textile industry declined. It had a poor image and a declining economy. Derelict industrial land and poor housing seemed to be increasing. This was a recipe for declination.

What were the stimuli used to regenerate?

 1) Music and television...
      The BBC moved several of its operations there [more jobs, money and some tourists            came to see these operations]
       Tv series such as Coronation Street and Shameless were based there [Indirectly increased tourism]
      Bands such as 'Take That' were based there

2) Sport and culture...
     The national cycling centre is based there
      The 2002 Commonwealth games were based there

What made rebranding a success?

1. Music and television really helped advertise the place and drew people to Manchester
2. Infrastructure was improved e.g. a Metrolink tram system was put in place
3. Affordable housing was build to attract young people

What issues have bee arisen through rebranding?

1. Properties are now too expensive even the ones that were originally affordable
2. Crime has increased in the area as have the number young people
3.  Police are not as strong as they were once and the number of people trained to be police have dropped
4. People complain about safety on night transport